Laboratory of urban planning
The "Laboratory of urban planning" has been started in attempt to search for new approaches related to ideas or methods or the Russian cities spatial development models so as to get them complied with the XXI century second decade socio-economic conditions focused on the integrally related to computer technologies and raised with open borders background generation values, and keeping with the previous periods town-planning solutions continuity to that.
Our research is being carried out within design works performance with items named plainly - the master plan, the territorial planning scheme, the planning project, the transport service scheme. The design practice sets precise purposes and problems, obliges to look for elementary technological solutions, requires absolute compliance with the contract terms. On the other hand the system approach as applied to the design assignment analysis, to spatial challenges diagnostics procedure, to library methods, to space improvement models will be helpful for us to response the customer's questions promptly, to prepare the design solution, to get coordinating companies convinced, to speak up at public hearings.
Starting our laboratory dates back to the time of the "Rehabilitation of transport and communication space of cities. St.Petersburg. Vosstaniya Square" summer 2011 international conference, when interest to our ideas and their practical importance for a wide range of its participants was expressed. But it would take years or even decades to get the experimental work results estimated, and that will keep up schedulers' spirits, them being inspired by Leningrad master plans of the 70-s-80-s promoting new ideas and technologies in the days of reorganization, fixedly studying foreign experience of the 90-s, having accepted responsibility for cities development in the 2000-s. 
Among our first works - the city of Samara stadium transport service organization project, the St.Petersburg suburban railway communication project (the main part), the St.Petersburg coastal and suburban territories town-planning development hypothesis.